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I'm a local, professional nanny with 3 children of my own.
I have "a lifetime" of experience taking care of children.
I am also well aware, that sometimes a little break to yourself can benefit the whole family. ❤

I offer you and your family a wonderful chance to have a little quality time with adults during your holiday! Maybe you can enjoy some local activities while I take good care of your children?

We will plan my stay together based on your children`s needs.

I take care of their normal daily routines, but food needs to be ready for the children.

Please let me know if your family becomes ill before my visit. You can cancel it for free. Thank you!

Child care service in a nutshell:

- service is provided in Levi area

- price incl. travel expenses 44,5 eur / starting hour

- minimum billable time 2 h

- maximum child care duration 5 h

- for groups - please ask for specific arrangements (ages / special needs)

- service is always provided in customer's cottage or apartment

Contact Information

+358 40 572 1472 / WhatsApp or SMS